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  • Nour Al Hamid Association

    Nour Al Hamid Association has been established in 2005 in Tripoli, North Lebanon upon licensing tacit knowledge 67/AD whereas the association main goal is standing by the region needy and poor people to help them make their dreams and ambitions come true through meeting their urgent needs and offering them the financial support and in-kind aids they need. The association will carry out as well projects aiming at taking care of the children, the elders, women, individuals with special needs and others by establishing and developing specialized centers as well as offering cultural services, literacy programs and other projects.

    Therefore Nour Al Hamid Association launched its first project: Nour Al Hamid Center for orphan children and those suffering cruel social conditions.

Nour Al Hamid Center
  • Vision
    One leading center of excellence providing care and education for Lebanese deprived children, and developing the Lebanese society.
    The center aims at providing the poor children with care, protection and education and meeting their intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs in a family atmosphere full of support and motivation. The center also supports the cultural, social and economic development and acts upon the human rights values and principles.
    A center dedicated to serve those children suffering since their early age. Nour Al Hamid occupies an area of 23,000 square meters in the heart of the olive groves, away from the bustle of the city, providing the healthy environment required to raise and prepare the future generations properly on all intellectual, behavioral and health levels.
    The center consists of 10 harmonious and consistent buildings groups (care units), the House of Talents building (also known as Talent Villa) and the administration building. The center is surrounded by gardens and green areas that occupy also its heart, in addition to a wide parking lot and a playing field.

    Nour Al Hamid is one of the major projects in Lebanon and the region, in terms of the modern equipment and techniques available in it, granting all the residents the feeling of security and comfort.
    Since the early beginning, the center was environmentally friendly. Besides its rural geometric shape, we were determined to use environmentally friendly systems and installations: we adopted solar energy for hot water and special refinery for the treatment of wastewater that will be used later in the irrigation network. However due to the short of electricity in Lebanon, we managed to secure a sustainable energy through a special power station in the center and through huge generators allowing absolute comfort for all residents.
    Talent Villa
    The Talent Villa consists of the restaurant that allows the gathering of all the residents of the center on one table during occasions, the kitchen equipped with the latest supply and equipment, the main laundry room, computers lounge, handicrafts lounge and the big hall dedicated for huge events.
    Home "Care Unit"
    The establishment of Nour Al Hamid Center aims mainly at creating a comprehensive life project suitable for children deprived of the parental love and the decent life they are entitled to. In order to meet the life, humanitarian, spiritual and emotional needs of the children we built the Care Units as neighboring houses in a small village, where each home nestles 8 to 10 boys or girls allowing each child to maintain his privacy and comfort.
    Each home consists of three floors: the ground floor consists of the supervisor (aunty) room and the office room. The first floor consists of 5 bedrooms, of which 4 with 2 beds only for the children and the fifth room for the aunty. There is a bathroom for each room. And finally the basement floor where you find the kitchen; the family dining room is next to that of the children, the family living room, the playing ground, the wide hall and the door leading to the gardens.
    The Home staff- the Supervisor (aunty)
    The supervisor's role is to welcome the children continuously and to provide the living conditions that stimulate their social, psychological, physical and emotional development. She works in cooperation with the pastoral educational team and the center staff in order to achieve the best interest of the child.
    The Educational Coordinator
    The Educational Coordinator’s role is to prepare and implement the educational and pedagogical programs and activities and to offer the supervisor and the pastoral educational team help and consultancy.
    Specialized Team
    Due to the harsh situations that our children suffer before joining the center and in order to avoid the related consequences that might destroy the children if not treated, the center is determined to provide the children and their parents from their first day at the center with the psychotherapy and social assistance services in order to follow up their development and adaptation with Nour Al Hamid family and in order to provide the practical tips and sound treatment methods to help the kids get over their issues.
    The Home Services
    Each Home in Nour Al Hamid Center offers the following daily services:
    1. 1. Three main meals in addition to snacks in between
    2. 2. Education and follow-up inside and outside the center
    3. 3. Comprehensive health follow-up and medical insurance
    4. 4. Children clothing
    5. 5. Daily cleaning of the Home
    6. 6. Electricity, heating and cooling
    7. 7. Children transportation
    8. 8. Weekly outings

    Nour Al Hamid Center is determined to provide the children with a healthy nutritional system through his cooperation with the nutritionist, manager of the NutriDiet Center Mrs. Elissar Haddad who has prepared a daily diet program that meets all the health needs of the children.
    Nour Al Hamid Center aims at providing the children with all the decent living conditions and a healthy environment, that’s why each child has undergone a thorough medical examination and he now has a complete medical record. The staff has undergone training in first aid and emergency procedures by the Lebanese Red Cross. Nour Al Hamid Center believes deeply in the words of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “I have only been sent to perfect good manners” and therefore is determined to give weekly lessons in Islamic education in cooperation with Sheikh Dr. Ali Al Sheikh in order to uphold the noble Islamic values and principles while considering the children backgrounds and situations so they can accept the religious teachings happily and easily through a special curriculum.
    Nour Al Hamid Center also coordinates daily with the different schools of the children in order to follow up their educational development. The Center has prepared as well a special summer educational program aiming at helping the children facing difficulties in some subjects so they begin their academic year with confidence and guaranteed success.
    The center children nursery school
    Nour Al Hamid Center has established a nursery school for its children who are still too young to join school so they acquire the basic knowledge and skills suitable for their age and become ready to join school with their arms and mind wide open!
Future projects
  • The Elders House
    One of the major projects on this level is allocating a part of the center to accommodate the elders and provide them with comprehensive care within a peaceful and loving environment, same as with the children. The dedication of the center to the elders will be a comprehensive project thanks to the quiet environment offered to them, the distinctive health services, the professional staff and most of all the loving family nestling all the residents in the center.

    One of the major benefits of this project is the expertise and affection that the elders are capable of offering to the children who, in return, are capable of granting their innocence, their hope and their joy.
    The Children with Special Needs House
    This project will be dedicated to accommodate children with special needs while bearing in mind that they need special attention and care. Permanent accommodation is available in case desired in addition to a special and comprehensive, educational and pastoral program.
    The agricultural project
    A land of 2500 square meters has been reclaimed for agriculture and equipped with greenhouses to guarantee production throughout the year and guarantying self-sufficiency in organic fruits, vegetables and herbs without the use of chemical fertilizers. Therefore the center provides its residents with a healthy nutrition as they come back to the Mother Nature to pick their own fruits and vegetables.
    The Guest House
    The center is planning to establish a guest house in one of its buildings where the delegations and the parents of the residents are welcomed to spend their time with their relatives. The Guest House also welcomes the Lebanese and foreigner donors and the shareholders to take a close look at the center performance, to get to meet the residents and spend some quality time with the elders and the children and participate in their activities. The Center will uniquely be capable of welcoming the foreign delegations and different associations from all over the world inside the Center to give them the chance to watch and study the services workflow and the interaction of the staff and residents closely.
    The Center Mosque
    With all these projects, the center will become a typical village where lies an integrated world based on humanity and fraternity.
Job Application

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Executive Secretary

Candidate should have minimum 5 years work experience and ability to perform the following:

  • Should hold relevant Degree/Diploma and have 5 years of experience as an Executive Secretary in a similar business.
  • Strong communication skills in Arabic & English (Read, Write & Speak) with ability to type Arabic & English in a high speed and accuracy with read proofing capability.

Manager Assistant

Candidate should have minimum 5 years work experience and ability to perform the following:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Excellent, efficient and accurate with all correspondence, mainly preparing letters, emails and memos; and ensure accurate and timely distribution of the same.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills including maintain a systematic and efficient filing system and organize meeting/appointments efficiently and promptly.
  • Perform any task assigned by the Manager in a professional, efficient and timely manner with ability to multi task and manage busy schedules and ability to work independently and under pressure.
  • Keep confidentiality anything related to the firm.

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